SBP Academy is glad to include French Language in the basket of courses we offer. We have kids and adult batches. In kids batch we offer French tuitions for 6th, 7th and 8th standard.

The kid's batch will include following things
  • Whole School Syllabus
  • Regular monthly tests and results
  • Cultural Knowledge
  • Certificate
  • Projects and Assignments
  • How to talk, greet and say goodbye
  • Quarterly Parents meeting
  • Weekend batch
  • 10 months course

The Adult batch will include following things
  • News bulletin
  • Basic level
  • For travelling
  • How to write letters and mails
  • Basic Grammar
  • French Movie Screening
  • Celebration of French festivals
  • Preparing for French Concerts
  • Certificate
  • Weekend batches
  • 3-4 months of duration

Why French?
  • French is the 5th most spoken world language
  • Learning French would open up job opportunities in MNCs
  • French is considered the language of culture
  • It makes your travelling experience much more amazing
  • French is useful in pursuing higher education
  • A language that is fun to learn
  • An advantage for studying in France
  • French will be good in training your brain
  • Many exchange opportunities